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January 2014 Newsletter



The District has now applied for water source approval from VIHA at the Valleyview well site location. If and when it is received a construction permit will be applied for in order to connect the new well to our existing system.  The majority of the District is being served by the Office and existing Valleyview Wells.

Fire hydrant maintenance took place in December as well as the annual flushing of water mains.  The District will undergo a valve maintenance program in the next couple of months to ensure all are working properly.  You may notice slight water pressure changes when valves are turned on and off.


We remind ratepayers that winter months can cause freezing and breaking of service lines from the meter to your home.  The District is responsible for infrastructure up to and including the meter.  Property owners are responsible for all connections beyond the meter.  We recommend you periodically inspect the ground surface where your service line is located for pooling water.  Also an unusually high water bill could mean you have a leak.  If you suspect you may have a leak, turn off your main shut-off valve at your home and check the meter contained within your meter box.  If the meter is turning, you may have a leak and should call a plumber.  If you discover a leak of any kind on your side of the meter, notify the office immediately as you may qualify for a water bill adjustment under the District’s “Adjustment for Water Leakage” Policy.


Residential and Commercial metered tier rates shall increase by 2% effective January 1, 2014.  The new rates will be reflected on your April 2014 bill.  There are no increases to the base rate for water tolls in 2014. The new single residential tier rates are listed below.


(a)   For the first 100 cubic meters                    $0.35 cubic meter


       For the first 3500 cubic feet                       $0.00991 cubic foot


(b)   Over 100 to 125 cubic meters                   $0.81 cubic meter


        Over 3500 to 4414 cubic feet                   $0.0230 cubic foot


    (c)  Over 125 to 150 cubic meters                    $1.02 cubic meter


          Over 4414 to 5297 cubic feet                     $.03396 cubic foot


       (d) Over 150 cubic meters                                  $1.53 cubic meter


             Over 5297 cubic feet                                    $.04335 cubic foot

 *There are no increases in 2014 to parcel tax rates.


If you are lucky enough to get away to some warm weather for an extended period of time please contact the office for information on how to prepay your account, or pay online.

If you are renting out your home you may arrange for the renter to pay the bill on your behalf. However if the account falls into arrears it is your responsibility to keep the water and parcel tax accounts up to date. It is also good to leave us with an emergency phone number to call in case a leak is detected on the property.