Parcel Tax due Dec 12 and 90 day arrears Water Shut Off Notices sent out

90 days arrears for the 2nd Quarter - Water Shut Off Notices sent out. 

  • Please pay to ensure that your water will not be shut off.

2023 Parcel taxes - due December 12, 2023

  • Late fees will be added on December 13, 2023 

Agenda - Public Information Meeting, Nov 29, 2023

The agenda for the Nov 29, 2023 Public Information Meeting at Bench School is available at [Trustee Info and News Tab, November 29 Public Information Meeting subtab].

Fire Hydrant Maintenance / Flow Testing - Oct 10-Nov 30

The annual fire hydrant maintenance and flow testing will occur over the next several weeks.  Watch for crews and vehicles around the neighbourhood.  Water quality and water pressure should not be affected.  If the water is cloudy, run your cold water tap [the one closest to where the water enters the house] until the water runs clear.  

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District Email Contact

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District general email contact information is:

Should you have any questions or require additional information,

please call the office at 250-748-1687.


In the Event of an Emergency!

In the event of a water related emergency,

please call the water operator

at 250 710 8207.

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District