Call for Volunteers - Court of Revision

A volunteer opportunity exists for the Court of Revision, to be held for one day in July or August.  For further information see the Court of Revision - Volunteer Opportunity document under the Documents and Reports tab [Documents subtab].

The Court of Revision provides for the revision of the assessment roll and for the considertion of all complaints about assessment.  The court may ratify or amend an assessment and then ultimately confirms the final assessment roll.

Reminder - Stage 1 Water Restrictions are currently in effect.

Stage 1 - 2023 Water Use Restrictions now in effect

Reminder - Please be advised that Stage 1 of the 2023 Water Use Restrictions [specific to Cowichan Bay Waterworks District] is now in effect.  

The 2023 Water Use Restrictions are available on the website under the Documents and Reports tab or from the blue Sprinklering Regulations tab on the right hand side of the webpage.  Stand by for updates as to when Stage 2 might come into effect.  

The region wide 2023 Water Use Restrictions were modified specifically for Cowichan Bay to incorporate District bylaws and to further prepare for and reflect the impacts of drought and climate change this summer.

Master Plan And Source Water Protection Plan

The Master Plan is now complete and available for review. The Plan provides guidance to the Trustees in their efforts to plan for required infrastructure upgrades.  The 2022 Trustee Action Plan, flowing from the draft of this document, is also available  Please see the Documents and Reports tab on the main webpage to access both of these documents.

The  Source Water Protection Plan is now complete.  The document provides an assessment of our community wells and the aquifer and proposes groundwater protection areas, potential threats to drinking water and a framework of recommended strategies and actions.  Implementation of the actions has been initiated.  A compressed version of the Plan is available under the Documents and Reports Tab.

Both documents are available for review at the front counter at the Office [1760 Pavenham Rd] or can be printed [for a fee] or emailed upon request.  

An Open House will be scheduled after the AGM on May 3/23, for an opportunity for residents to discuss these two key planning documents.  

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District Email Contact

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District general email contact information is:

Should you have any questions or require additional information,

please call the office at 250-748-1687.


In the Event of an Emergency!

In the event of a water related emergency,

please call the water operator

at 250 710 8207.

Cowichan Bay Waterworks District