Toll and Tax Rates

  • Tax Notices are sent out annually and are based on the categories in the Cowichan Bay Waterworks District Assessment Bylaw.

    • Taxes are used to fund capital improvements, such as waterline replacements, a new treatment system, a new well.  See the Action Plan for the priorities.

    • 2023 taxes are due December 12, 2023.
  • Water Toll Invoices are sent out quarterly (in January, April, July, and October) based upon the Base Rate plus consumption (charged by cubic metre].

    • Tolls are used to fund the cost of operating the system [water production and distribution]. 


Standard Service Rates - 2023

Quarterly Base Rate
$85.00 plus consumption as per Tiers 1 - 5
Includes the first 25 cubic meters
Volume by cubic meter Cost / cubic meter:
25-50 $0.50
50-75 $0.75
75-100 $1
100-125 $3
Over 125 $5

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