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2016 Water Parcel Taxes

The District is increasing parcel taxes this year in order to continue to support the Renewal Reserve Fund. Taxes have not been increased since 2012. This fund can be used to finance the cost of renewing and upgrading capital works such as wells, supply mains, distribution mains and fire hydrants. In 2015 a programming and instrumentation upgrade to the pump house at Valleyview was performed. The District also replaced approximately 40 services, and added/replaced 7 fire hydrants with Renewal Reserve funds. Taxes for this fiscal year are as follows:

Residential Single Unit       $84.30                  Residential Lot   $106.35

Commercial Single Unit   $114.75                   Commercial Lot $114.75

For those ratepayers not levied an annual parcel tax, the equivalent to the above will be factored into your water billing in April, July, September and December.