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January 2016 Newsletter



  • Annual flushing of our entire water system occurred the first week of this month.  
  • The new water main up Wessex Road is complete.
  • Water sample test results available on the website
  • The District has seen an increase in leaks over the last five years, likely due to the ageing infrastructure. If you think you have spotted a leak please give us a call.


We remind ratepayers that winter months can cause freezing and breaking of service lines from the meter to your home.  The District is responsible for infrastructure up to and including the meter.  Property owners are responsible for all connections beyond the meter.  We recommend you periodically inspect the ground surface where your service line is located for pooling water.  Also an unusually high water bill could mean you have a leak.  If you suspect you may have a leak, turn off your main shut-off valve at your home and check the meter contained within your meter box.  If the meter is turning, you may have a leak and should call a plumber.  If you discover a leak of any kind on your side of the meter, notify the office immediately as you may qualify for a water bill adjustment under the District’s “Adjustment for Water Leakage” Policy.


 The District is increasing parcel taxes this year in order to continue to support the Renewal Reserve Fund.  Taxes have not been increased since 2012. This fund can be used to finance the cost of renewing and upgrading capital works such as wells, supply mains, distribution mains and fire hydrants.  In 2015 a programming and instrumentation upgrade to the pump house at Valleyview was performed.  The District also replaced approximately 40 services, and added/replaced 7 fire hydrants with Renewal Reserve funds.  Taxes for this fiscal year are as follows:

Residential Single Unit       $84.30                 Residential Lot    $106.35

Commercial Single Unit   $114.75                   Commercial Lot  $114.75

For those ratepayers not levied an annual parcel tax, the equivalent to the above will be factored into your water billing in April, July, September and December.


 If you are lucky enough to get away to some warm weather for an extended period of time please contact the office for information on how to prepay your account, or pay online. 

 If you are renting out your home you may arrange for the renter to pay the bill on your behalf. Please contact the office for a Tenant Authorization Form.  If, however, the account falls into arrears it is your responsibility to keep the water and parcel tax accounts up to date. It is also good to leave us with an emergency phone number to call in case a leak is detected on the property.


 The easiest and most efficient way for our customers to stay informed is by signing up for “Alerts” on the website www.cowichanbaywater.com.  Once an update is posted it will email or text you within minutes.  By signing up for alerts you are also supporting our efforts to “go green” and will no longer receive a paper newsletter.